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Rev Charles W Dickson and Juanita Wilcox Dickson were Southern Baptist missionaries to Brazil for 33 years. They served in the northeast part of Brasil in Joao Pessoa and Recife.

Juanita passed away on May 26, 2012 and. Charles passed away on May 30, 2012. They were living at their home in Austin with their daughter Susan and her husband Ray..

Memorial Services will be held on June 16, 2012 at Highland Park Baptist Church ( in Austin, Texas at 2pm. In lieu of flowers, you may make a donation to your church’s mission offering or to Hospice Austin in memory of Charles and Juanita Dickson.

They were married August 15, 1940 and appointed to Brasil in 1947. Charles served as a field missionary in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba from 1948-63 and as professor at the North Brazil Seminary, Recife, 1963-80.

Juanita served as teacher, Instituto Batista Paraibano, 1949 and in evangelism in Joao Pessoa, 1948-63 and Recife, 1963-1980.

They retired to Austin, Texas on 10/1/1980.

Juanita is the child of Brazil missionaries E. G. and Callie Wilcox and was educated at the Colegio Americano Batista, Recife, Brazil.

Charles was born in Waco, Texas, the second child of Lawrence Alexander and Ruby Condell Dickson.

The Dicksons were married over 71 years and are survived by their daughters (Helen Hastings, Carole Thorsrud, Janet McGinn, and Susan Waugh), their grandchildren (Kyle McGinn and Kristy Blevins) and their great grandchildren (Mark, June, Phillip, and Ivy May McGinn).

Chalres is the author of What in the World Is God Doing. He has had a long time love affair with the Bible ever since as a teenager when he enrolled in a correspondence course. Through the years his conviction has deepened that the Bible is a remarkable record of God's involvement with the world. In What in the World Is God Doing God's activity in the affairs of mankind is grouped around God as the Creator, the Good Shepherd, and the Eternal King.

Charles said about writing What in the World Is God Doing, "Now it is time for me to put in writing a synopsis of my basic convictions. I have declared these truths through sixty-nine years since my ordination to the Baptist ministry on May 8,1937. I have had the privilege of sharing them with people in my pastorates in Texas and Illinois, in the chaplaincy during World War II, (1942-1946), and as a missionary of the Southern Baptist Convention in Brazil (1947-1980)."


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