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Genealogy of the Perrin/Jameson/Gardner Family
in Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Texas
Clemmie Lee (Perrin) Sims - July 27,1975

            The following genealogy of the Perrin/Jameson/Gardner Family came from a letter written in 1910 to William Joseph Perrin, son of Dr. James Madison Perrin, by Christopher Columbus Perrin, son of Isaac Newton Perrin, in “Genealogy of the Gardner Family in Tennessee” by R.W. Gardner, November.25,1848; “A Family Album” by Rebekah Baines Johnson; and “Pioneer Families of Franklin County, Virginia” by Marshall Wingfield were also used as references. (In July of 1988 some additional information was included by Charles Dickson).

            Charles Perrin was my great-grandfather. Charles’father was believed to be John Perrin, a Virginian of (Norman) Emglish stock. Charles Perrin had several brothers and sisters. They were Robert, Dr. Lewis, Mahala Gates, Samuel, John, and a sister said to be the mother of Admiral George Dewey. Robert Perrin raised his family near Lexington, Ky. Dr. Lewis Perrin died in Decator, TX. Mahala Gates died near McKinney,TX. Another brother of Charles Perrin was Samuel Perrin - he raised his family in Hempstead County, AR. His sons were Archie, William, Willie and Zens. John Perrin, another brother, went south from Virginia and was never heard from again.

            My great-grandmother, Katherine (Katie) Jameson, and Charles Perrin were married in Virginia, (“A Family Album” indicates they were married in 1792 at Russelville, KY.) and came to Garrard County, KY. about 1810. Katie may have spelled her first name with a “C” or “K” and her last name Jamison or Jameson. She was the daughter of Thomas Jameson. Thomas Jameson was a major in the Revolutionary War. He and his men were driven into the James River in Virginia by the British. They escaped, but he contracted phtitisis  (?) or asthma, and in his old age he could not lie down. The last seven years of his life he spent in a chair, an invalid, with his head up so he could get his breath. In “A Family Album” (p. 143) it indicates Thomas Jameson was a corporal in charge of four scouts. He was well acquanited with General Washington and was within twenty steps of him when Cornwallis surrendered. Thomas Jameson had several sons and daughters.  A grandson, James M. Jameson of Indianapolis, IN., worked up family tree that traced the Jamesons back to 1640 in Scotland.  Another source, “Pioneer Families of Franklin, County, Virginia” indicates Thomas Jameson’s father was John Jameson. John was born in Ireland in 1680. John’s father was James Jameson, and he was born in Glasgow, Scotland about 1650. James’ father was Alexander Jameson. Alexander lived six miles from Glasgow.  He and his son, James, lived in the same place until 1675. During the persecution James went to Londonderry, Ireland, where he married a Scotch girl. She died leaving twin sons who were ten years old. These sons were Robert and John Jameson. John came to America with his father (James) and his brother (Robert), and they settled on the Susquehanna River in southern Pennyslavania. He (John) spent the greater part of his life as an indian fighter and planter in York County, Penn. and in Orange and Augusta Counties in Virginia. John was a captain of the Augusta County militia. Thomas Jameson (Katie’s father) was born on November 7, 1732 and served in the campaign which ended in Braddock’s defeat. Thomas and his brother, Alexander, served in the Albemarle Company of Militia for the protection of the frontier against the indians.

            In 1756, Thomas Jameson married Jane Dickey of Loudoun County, VA. They had four children - Samuel, John, Martha, and William.  They moved to Georgia, but on the death of his wife (Jane) in 1763, he returned with his four children to the home of his brother, Alexander, in Albemarle County, VA. (near Charlottesville). He (Thomas) later moved to what is known as Franklin County, VA. near Shady Grove and Snow Creek, where he owned a plantation of about two hundred acres. Here he married Hannah Taggart and they had ten children - Mary, Jane, Nancy, Katherine (my great grandmother), Helen, Margaret, Alexander, Thomas, Hannah, and Rhoda. Thomas was a good horseman and covered hundreds of miles in Virginia. He also was fleet of foot. Thomas became a prominent figure in the border wars, and was commissioned captain in 1761. He served in the Revolutionary War in the Virginia Infantry. He and his son, John,  in 1776 were among the most respectable families who subscribed to the oath of allegiance to the Commonwealth of Virginia, renouncing allegiance to King George III, early in the history of the determined resistance of the American Colonists to British oppression. He and his sons, Samuel and John, participated in the Battle of Guilford Court House (March 15, 1781). Thomas was enrolled in April 24, 1776 in White’s Company, Sixth Regiment, and on September 8, 1778 we find his name on the roll of Capt. John Summer’s Company, First Battalion, commanded by Col. Thomas Clark. Thomas and his brothers were signers of the Albemarle Declaration of Independence. Thomas was a personal friend of Thomas Jefferson and also of Patrick Calhoun, the grandfather of John Calhoun, who settled in Augusta County, VA. in 1770 and later moved to South Carolina. Thomas died in April 6, 1823 and Hannah Jamison died in 1830. They are buried at Hebron Baptist Churchyard, Jefferson County, IN. The eldest son of Thomas and Jane (Dickey) was Samuel. He served under Washington in the Revolution. John, Thomas’ younger son, was a soldier of distinction in the Continental Army and received a Captain’s commission.

            Charles and Katie (Jameson) Perrin had eight children Their children were Abner, Elizabeth (Betsy), William (great, great grandfather of Lyndon Baines Johnson, John, Thomas J., George, Isaac Newton, and my grandfather, James Madison. Charles Perrin died in 1850. I was able to visit my great grandfather’s and great grandmother’s graves in June 1975. Their graves are located between Russelville and Auburn, KY. A Mr. Paul Blick, Rt. 1, Auburn, KY. 42206 is the overseer  which has the farm on which the family cemetery is located. The cemetery is located about 5 miles east of Russelville. Mr Paul Blick died in the fall of 1975.

            1. Abner Perrin, who died a bachelor,  was born in Logan County, KY. on April 6, 1797, and died there as a young man.

            2. Elizabeth (Betsy) married James Sayle and they had four children - America, Eliza, James, and Thomas, twins. She is buried in the same family cemetery.

            3. William Perrin was born in Logan County on October 15, 1800 (?), and he married Dicey Kirby in 1820. Dicey was born in 1798. William died in 1856 and is buried in Bamlet (?) Creek cemetery, Collin County, TX. William was a Peter’s colonist and his daughter, Mary Elizabeth Perrin, was Lyndon Baines Johnson great-grandmother (p. 143 of “A Family Album.”)

            4. John Perrin, who was a fine singer, married Miss Hackersmith or Hockersmith. He was born on May 28, 1809 and died on August 8, 1848. John is buried in the same graveyard with his father (Charles). He and Miss Hackersmith had four children - John, Hervey, Rice, and Solon.

            5. Thomas J. Perrin was born on July 21, 1805 and died in Cook County, TX. He had three wives - Jane Travis, Euphemia Travis, and Ann Simpson. He had five children - Ben, Elizabeth, Elvira, Jane and Caroline. Dr. William Thomas Gardner was the son of the oldest daughter (Elizabeth).  Lon (?) and Katie Green of Oscar, KY. were daughters of the second wife (Euphemia). Thomas J Perrin and Miss Simpson are buried in Cook County, TX. (12 miles from Gainsville).

            6. George Perrin was the next son of Charles and Katie (Jameson) Perrin. He was born in 1807 and died at age 30.

            7. Isaac Newton Perrin, Christopher Columbus Perrin’s father, was born on May 24, 1810. He married Louisa Ann Carney in Montgomery County, TN. on January 29, 1839, and they had seven sons - James Madison, Christopher Columbus, John Green, Dr. Galin A., and Stahl E. Isaac Newton Perrin died on July 9, 1880. His wife, Louisa Ann Carney, was born on September 22, 1816 and died on August 12, 1866.

            8. James Madison Perrin, my grandfather and the youngest of eight children. He became a doctor - graduated from the Columbus School of Medicine in Columbus (?) Ohio (circa 1835). James was born near J. Dicke River, Gerrard Community. KY. on October 2, 1813.

             Dr. James Madison Perrin and my grandmother, Temperance Ann Elizabeth Gardner came to Texas in 1849 and settled near Celesti and Leonard, TX. They had seven children.

             1. Alford Curtis was born in August 1842 and died on June 30, 1896. He married Frances Harbour and they had one daughter - Virginia May Perrin. Virginia was born on June 6, 1883 and she attended Grayson College and University of Texas. She received her B.A. degree from the University of Texas in 1908. She married Virgil Jones.

            2. Catherine married A.J. Pogue in 1868 and they had two children - Madison (Matt) Pogue and Laura Pogue. Matt married a Miss Eurley, and Laura married an Earl Sims. Catherine married a Mr. Lackey upon the death of A.J. Pogue.

            3. Victoria married S.E. Clifton. Their children were - Lizzie Clifton (married Lawson Gill), Maggie Clifton (married Ira Anderson), Katie Clifton, Lora Clifton, and Hugh Clifton.

            4. Christopher Columbus was born on a Mississippi steamboat in December 1849. He died in Lamar County, TX. in September 1852.

            5. Susan was born in 1852, and she married George Creecy. They had two children - Margaret Creecy (married a Newton) and Lizzie Creecy (married a Gill).

            6. James Ed married twice - Matilda Stevens and Angeline Stevens. James was known as Jim Perrin. Jim had four children - Curtis (died at age nine), Tennie (married Herman Myers), Bessie, and Edward Leon (Lonnie). Lonnie is in his 80,s and lives near Mt. Vernon, TX.

            7. William Joseph Perrin, my father, will be covered in the material that follows.

             Dr. James Madison Perrin and Temperance Ann Elizabeth Gardner Perrin moved from the Celesti and Leonard area to Lamar County, TX. Then later, they moved to Titus County (presently Franklin County - a portion of Titus County was used to form Franklin County in the late 1850’s). They are both buried in the Perrin Family cemetery in Franklin County, Huckelberry Community, near Mt. Vernon,TX.

             My grandmother’s (Temperance Ann Elizabeth Gardner Perrin) father was Dempsey Gardner and her mother was Susan (Harrison) Gardner. They were from Virginia. Susan was born in Montgiomery County, TN. Dempsey’s father was Henry Gardner, an Englishman. Henry Gardner was married four times and had two sons and a daughter by different mothers. The oldest son was Joshua Gardner and the second was Dempsey Gardner. Abby was the daughter. Dempsey’s mother was probably a Dempsey. However she could have been a Summers.

            Susan (Harrison) Gardner’s (my great-grandmother) grandfather was Benjamin Harrison who signed the Declaration of Independence. He was the father of President William Henry Harrison - the ninth president of the United States of America.

             My father, William Joseph Perrin, was the son of Dr. James Madison Perrin and Temperance Ann Elizabeth Gardner Perrin. He was born in Titus/Franklin County, TX. on October 16, 1861 in the Huckleberry Community (six miles northeast of Mt. Vernon, TX.) He died on February 8, 1941 (79+ years old) and is buried in the city cemetery in Sulphur Springs, TX. His first wife, Betty Gill Duty (her first marriage was to Mr. Duty) was born on September 15, 1862 and died on May 12, 1900 (37+ years old). She is buried in the Huckelberry Family Cemetery. They had eight children - Alice, Curt, Wirt, Callie, Lucy, Victoria, and two unnamed infants.

             1. Alice was born on October 13, 1889 and died on September 15, 1975 (almost 86 years old). She married Noah Koonce. They had five children - Glen, Lerah (died at age 14), Ethel, Wilbur, and Louise. Alice is buried in the City Cemetery at Sulphur Springs, TX.

            2,3. Wirt and Curt were twins.  They were born on February 9, 1891. Wirt died on December 24, 1968 (at almost 77 years old), and Curt died on January 5, 1901 as a young boy of 10 years. Wirt married Mary Lou Campbell and they had one son - Jack Norman Perrin. Jack was born on August 10, 1932. He resides in Mt. Vernon, TX. Wirt is buried in the City Cemetery at Mt. Vernon, TX.

            4. Callie was born on March 20, 1892 and was married to Everett George Wilcox on January 1. 1916. They had four daughters - Dorothy Mary (Myers), Juanita Jo (Dickson), H.Lorene(Vermillion), and Trudie Lee (Jackson). The Wilcoxes were appointed as Southern Baptist missionaries to Brazil in July, 1920. Everett died in Recife, Brazil on March 18, 1940 (almost 51 years old), and is buried in the English Cemetery in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil. Callie died on October 7, 1979 (at 87 years old) and is buried in Elmwood Memorial Park in Abilene, TX.

                        A. Dorothy Mary was born in Brownwood, TX. on November 25, 1916 and married Charles Logan Myers in Brownwood, TX., on May 21, 1937. They have one son - Charles Edward Myers.

                        B.Juanita Jo was born in Ft. Worth, TX. on January 17, 1918, and married Charles William Dickson in Brownwood, TX. on August 15, 1940. They have four daughters - Helen Roberta (Hastings), Carole Jo (Thorsrud), Janet Marie (McGinn), and Susan Kay (Waugh).

            C. Lorene was born in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil on October 1, 1923 and married James Vermillion in Brownwood, TX. on May 28, 1943. They have three children - Charles Everett, Dorothy Jo (Anderson) and Ernest Lee.

            D. Trudie was born in Ft. Worth, TX. on October 26, 1927, and married Richard E. Jackson in Brownwood, TX. on December 17. 1948. They have two children - Dick and Vicki Lynn Davis.

             4. Lucy  was born on April 21, 1893 and married two times - N.C. Grau and Albert Cowser.Lucy and N.C. Grau had one daughter - Betty. She married Jack Morgan.

            5. Victoria was born on February 16, 1895 and married Seborn Turner. She died on October 1, 1943 (48+ years old) and is buried in Friendship Cemetery. They had six children - Jo Dell, Hazel, Mamie, Ruth, Nellie, Patsy, and Sybil.

            6. Willie was born on ______ and died on ______. He is buried in the Perrin Family Cemetery.

             William Joseph Perrin’s second wife was Mary Alcy Meek, my mother. They were married on July 6, 1902 and had six children - Clemmie Lee, Ramon, Joe Benton (J.B.), Floyd Edger, Susan Agnes, and Thomas Ector.

            1. Clemmie Lee was born on July 17, 1903 and married Henry Clovis Sims, Sr. on December 25, 1921. They had two children - Mary Calva and Henry C. Sims, Jr. Mary married Robert I. Brown, Jr. and Henry married Janet Hanson. Henry and Janet have two children - Laura Lee (born July 11, 1961) and Mark Henry (born February 27, 1959).Henry and Janet Sims , 5423-B Coyote Canon Way, Morrison, CO. 80465, Ph. (303)697-6863. At the time of this work, Clemmie Lee Perrin Sims resides at 1748 Red Oak Circle, Sulphur Springs, TX. 75482. Tel. (214) 885-4534.

            2.Ramon was born on January 5, 1905 and died on January 26 of the same year. He is buried in the Perrin Family Cemetery.

            3. Joe Benton (J.B.) was born on July 10, 1906 and died on May 20, 1966 (almost 60 years old). He is buried in Seagoville, TX. J.B. married Gladys Fisher and they had two childPren - Douglas Joe and Donald James.

            4.Floyd Edger was born on April 22, 1909 and married twice. He had children by his first wife, Stella Francis Kubech - Leslie and Susan.

            5.Susan Agnes was born on October 18, 1910 and married Hal Sharber. They have eight children - Melba Sue, Joe Hal, Billy Neil, Charles Wesley, Gene Paul, Vera Sidney, Linda, and June.

            6. Thomas Ector was born on March 7,1912 and died on September 10, 1965 (53+ years old) He is buried in Dothan, Ala. Thomas married Lola Underwood, and they had an adopted son, Richard. Richard was killed in an automobile accident on January 24, 1962.

 The Gardner Line 

Henry Gardner (an Englishman who married 4 times) &
Dempsey ………. Joshua  ……….. Abby
Dempsey Gardner &
 Susan (Harrison) Gardner

Susan’s grandfather was Benjamin Harrison who signed the Declaration of Independence;

Benjamin was the father of William Henry Harrison – the ninth president of the USA

Temperance Ann Elizabeth Gardner Perrin

The Perrin Line

John Perrin &



Charles (my great grandfather)……..Robert ……..Dr. Lewis ……..Mahala Gates ……..Samuel ……..John


Charles Perrin &
Katherine (Katie) Jameson Perrin


Abner ……Elizabeth (Betsy)……William ……John ……Thomas J. ……Isaac Newton ……Dr. James Madison (my grandfather)


Dr. James Madison Perrin  &

Temperance Ann Elizabeth (Gardner) Perrin


Katherine ……Victoria  ……Christopher Columbus ……Susan ……James Ed  …… William Joseph (my father)



William Joseph Perrin &

Betty Gill (Duty) Perrin


Alice ……Wirt ……Curt ……Callie ……Lucy ……Victoria ……Willie


Willaim Joseph Perrin &

Mary Alcy Meek


Clemmie Lee (Me)……Ramon ……Joe Benton (J.B.) …… Floyd Edger ……Susan Agnes ……Thomas Ector

The Jameson Line

Alexander Jameson &





James Jameson &


John……..Robert ……..(twin boys from James’  marriage to a Scotch girl)

 John Jameson &

Thomas  (the second of four sons)

 Thomas Jameson &

Jane Dickey

Samuel ……John ……Martha ……William

 Thomas Jameson  &
Hannah Taggart

 Mary ..Jane ..Nancy ..Katherine ..Helen ..Margaret ..Alexander ..Rhoda ..Thomas ..Hannah

Katherine (Catherine) married Charles Perrin

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